Design + Install

Complimentary Design Assistance

Finding just the right combination of materials is one thing. Putting them together in a way that makes a room shine is entirely another. And let’s be honest here: Not everyone does either one well. That’s why, from the beginning, we’ve offered the complimentary assistance of designers at Surface. To help customers translate their ideas (or sometimes the lack thereof) into reality. All the while helping you evaluate each material’s characteristics and performance. It’s one more way we’re redefining the experience of shopping for finish materials. So it’s more fun, less frustrating. Our designers are happy to help as much or as little as you wish. Want your entire bathroom designed top to bottom? We’re happy to step into the driver’s seat. Simply need a few accent ideas? We’re good with that too. Need an honest evaluation of green options? Our LEED-certified designers are ready to help. Or let’s say you don’t want any design help at all. Not a problem. Our designers will be happy to hover in the wings and devour the latest issue of Countertop Digest. Our showroom is your showroom.